of clinicians need to remake, repair, or replace provisionals due to failure.1

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of problems with provisionals can derive from the preliminary impression.1

1. Data on file

Our Provisional Solution aims to bring overall procedural efficiencies by starting with properly fabricated provisionals, which are crucial for restoration success. High detail and dimensional stability in the preliminary impression help to counteract common pitfalls like rough margins, bad contours, microfractures, or poor occlusal contacts. Broken provisionals need not be a part of the procedure.

Algin•X™ Ultra

Alginate Alternative

High detail and dimensional stability provide a stable and modifiable matrix from which to build your provisional and help counteract common pitfalls like bad contours or poor occlusal contacts.


Integrity® Multi•Cure

Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

Our high-strength material light-cures on demand and finishes smoothly to ensure continued tissue health with full proper function and esthetics.


Integrity® TempGrip®

Temporary Crown & Bridge Cement

Our high-strength temporary cement holds the provisional securely in place and releases easily to protect and preserve the tooth preparation for final cementation.