A slim, short mixing tip with 360 rotation reduces the distance to the impression site, delivering material precisely while reducing material waste. The flow rate can be controlled at the touch of a button or with a tap of the optional Bluetooth-connected foot control.1 A built-in timer with three modes keeps you informed of work and set times throughout the procedure.


1. Bluetooth is not a registered trademark of Dentsply Sirona





The lightweight, pen-grip design with battery-powered portability improves ergonomics so you can work comfortably with minimal risk of long-term stress injuries.


Single-use cartridges, available in multiple viscosities and set times, simplify the procedure from material loading to waste disposal. The autoclavable cartridge cap system sets a new standard for convenience. Color options are available to match the decor of your operatory.


Aquasil Ultra+ material has industry-leading intraoral tear strength to protect against tears when the impression material is at its most vulnerable state, in thin cross-section and while being removed from the mouth.


An extremely low 15° intraoral contact angle allows material to capture and reproduce valuable detail.

A full range of viscosities, set times, and delivery options is available to meet your practice needs, however unique they might be.