of clinicians encounter patient bleeding while taking an impression,1 putting final impression quality at risk.

1. Data on file.


of dental labs list impression quality as their top challenge.2

2. Some Things Never Change: Inadequate Impressions Still Labs’ Biggest Client Headache. LMT State of the Industry Survey, November 2015.

Our Final Impression Solution creates a more efficient workflow by controlling bleeding during preparation and precisely delivering uncompromising crown impressions. Our ergonomic dispenser moves with you, placing a material that offers an unparalleled combination of hydrophilicity and tear strength, both designed to work together for more accurate impression taking.

Hemoban™ Gel

25% Aluminum Chloride Hemostatic Solution


Effectively stop intraoral bleeding for both digital and conventional impression workflows using a transparent gel that stays where you place it and rinses off easily with no residue or staining.


Conventional Impression System

With the touch of a button, this revolutionary battery-powered dispenser lets you focus on what matters most: a procedure done with precision. And now, the digit Power® Dispenser makes it easy to apply Aquasil® Ultra+ material precisely, with minimal effort, reducing the risk of delivery-related impression errors.



This powder-free scanner enables a digital impression workflow—giving you unrivaled handling and precise 3D scans sent to your lab, enabling you to quickly visualize the procedure and ensure reliable results.