As a traditional glass ionomer cures, it leaves imperfections in the dentin-cement interface. Calibra® Bio Bioceramic Luting Cement solves this problem by adding CA particles that dissolve to release calcium and aluminate ions. When the ions reach a sufficient concentration, hydrates crystallize around the remaining CA particles to create seamless adaptation toward the tooth structure.

And it provides the same retentive strength as self-adhesive resin cement. A three-year study shows excellent marginal integrity, no marginal discolorations, no subject sensitivity, no secondary caries, and no loss of retention over time.1



Calibra® Bio cement requires no priming, bonding or conditioning, and performs well in the mouth’s naturally moist environment so you can easily deliver successful results while saving time with every restoration. Like all Calibra® cements, it also cleans up easily.


1. Jefferies SR, Pameijer CH, Appleby DC, Boston D, Lööf J: A Bioactive Dental Luting Cement: Its Retentive Properties and 3-Year Clinical Findings. Compend Contin Educ Dent. 2013 Feb; 34 Spec No 1:2-9