of premature crown failures are due to risk-avoidable factors.1
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of general practitioners have indicated they are most interested in improving the protection of marginal integrity and reducing the risk of secondary caries.1
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Our Final Crown Cementation Solution offers dental crown materials that balance durability and esthetics, so they can be used effectively in anterior or posterior applications. Our permanent crown cements address the clinicians’ challenge of restoration failure by protecting marginal integrity for greater restoration longevity.

Products for anterior restorations

Celtra® Press

Glass Restorations

For a precise balance of strength and beauty, choose a material that not only looks amazing, but is also equally durable and is indistinguishable from the natural tooth.


Calibra® Ceram

Adhesive Resin Cement

Get immediate and long-term bonds you can rely on, with no need for a self-cure activator and no mixing of primers. Simple, strong, and successful for your restoration needs.


Products for posterior restorations

Cercon® ht

Get life like esthetics and long-lasting strength for your patients with the new zirconia standard for classic VITA shade reproduction.


Calibra® Bio

Bioceramic Luting Cement

Use the bioactive crown cement that works naturally within the oral environment to create a self-repairing hydroxyapatite layer to protect marginal integrity and minimize microleakage for long-lasting restoration success.