of dental practitioners say that adequate tooth preparation facilitates final-restoration success and promotes better clinical outcomes.1

1. Data on file


greater overall retention can be achieved by placing a post in an endodontically treated tooth.2

2. Clinicians Report November 2013.

Retention of the final crown can be compromised if the preparation is incorrect. Poor marginal integrity and potential leakage resulting from an improper preparation can lead to secondary caries that put restoration longevity at risk. Our Core & Post Solution delivers the strong foundation critical to restoration success.


Endodontic Fiber Post

Keep catastrophic and restorable fracture rates low with glass fiber posts—ideal for restoration longevity in core and post procedures.


FluoroCore® 2+

Dual Cure Core Build-Up Material + Fast Endodontic Cement

Get the multi purpose material that offers all-in-one strength and convenience for core and post crown procedures —from post cementation to core build-up.