Natural Hydration

Dentsply Sirona products are designed to avoid introducing any additional trauma to the prepared tooth. Unlike leading competitors, our temporary cement and impression materials work effectively and efficiently in the presence of moisture. Preparation that doesn’t require dehydration helps to avoid over desiccation, simplifies steps in your procedure, and helps lower the risk of post-op sensitivity.

Additive Solutions

The single-unit crown procedure has many moving parts. The Dentsply Sirona Single-Unit Crown Total Practice Solution is the only complete solution to break down each of these parts and develop highly optimized products that satisfy the needs of dentists, dental assistants, and dental laboratories at each critical step. We then ensure that these products not only work well but also work well together to create efficiencies and help you deliver long-term clinical success. Ultimately providing a unique and comprehensive procedural solution.

Assisting The Assistants

Successfully executing the single-unit crown procedure requires not only the skills of the dentist but also the skills of the assistant. Undertrained or underutilized auxiliary staff represent unnecessary office inefficiencies. Dentsply Sirona can help you train and better utilize your staff for improved procedural and practice efficiency.