Get a high-strength, on-command light-cure material that is also highly polishable to ensure future tissue health.

Provisionals that break and need repairs do not need to be a part of the cost of doing business. Integrity MultiŸCure material helps remove the challenges of shrinkage and repairs. It saves you time. It looks great.

Optional Light Curing

Save up to 30% on procedure time when using the light cure option. You also minimize the risk of trimming and adjusting prematurely.

Improved Flexural Strength

The Integrity Multi•Cure material formulation (10:1 bis-acrylic material) offers improved flexural strength. It also delivers durable results due to wear resistance and strength properties.

Excellent Esthetics

Integrity Multi•Cure material contains added fluorescence that allows you to create esthetic temporaries. Restorations can be polished to a natural luster for superb results.

Even More Beneficial Features

- Bonds to itself for easy repairs
- Easily repairs with light cure composites
- Great consistency for easy handling and cleanup
- Minimal shrinkage
- Available in 7 shades: A1, A2, A3.5, B1, BW, A3 and C2