A longer tack cure window and extended gel phase virtually eliminate the problems associated with excess cement cleanup. 

Calibra Universal cement doesn't make you sacrifice a bit of strength for easier cleanup. You can count on the reliability and predictability of proven flexural, compressive, and bond strength for long-lasting results.

It’s called Calibra Universal cement for a reason. Dentsply Sirona Restorative has formulated its self-adhesive resin for use on a wide range of materials from metal crowns and PFMs, to all-zirconia and all-ceramic. Because it’s self-adhesive, there’s no need to prepare enamel or dentin with an etchant or bonding agent.

You take the time to restore a natural looking tooth. We want to make sure it stays beautiful. The Shade Stable™ technology in Calibra Universal virtually eliminates shade shifts over time.