A longer tack cure window and extended gel phase virtually eliminate the problems associated with excess cement cleanup. 

Calibra Universal cement is designed to be a very efficient resin cement. Dentists can benefit from the swiftness of tack curing without the stress of over-curing with a wide 10-second tack cure. Once initiated, you then get an extended 45-second gel phase, so you can completely remove excess cement for pristine restorations.1

1. 10-second tack cure window equals five-second wave cure per surface.  For excess cement cleanup, monowave output LED lights with a single peak output around 470nm are recommended. High power, dual or broad spectrum lights may cause premature hardening of excess cement. Check curing light effect on mixed cement in the laboratory prior to clinical use.

Because Calibra Universal material is a self-adhesive resin cement, there is no need for a separate bonding agent.