High intraoral tear strength adds an extra layer of confidence, and intraoral hydrophilicity helps make any environment a good one.

Superior Tear Strength

Industry leading intraoral tear strength allows for accurate capture of even the finest marginal details by helping prevent tears where they matter most. Undercuts, narrowly retracted sulci, and other unpredictable intraoral conditions can lead to potential tear threats. Aquasil Ultra+ material leads the market with its high intraoral tear strength, reducing the threat of final impression inaccuracies.

Formulated To Work with Moisture

The challenges of the intraoral environment include the presence of moisture. Aquasil Ultra+ material is specially formulated to work with moisture to help ensure an accurate capture of marginal detail. The low contact angle of Aquasil Ultra+ material is a benefit to you and your lab, helping minimize the threat of voids and bubbles due to the presence of moisture.

Ideal for All Impression Needs

Aquasil Ultra+ material offers an array of products to meet your unique case needs, including multiple viscosities and set times for single- to multi-unit restoration cases. Minimize the complexity of stocking multiple materials in your office while having the right product for the right case.

Ergonomics and Precision Delivery

Aquasil Ultra+ material delivers high performance in easy to use precision delivery systems. Get up to 34% closer to the prepared tooth with our digit Targeted Delivery System while improving the ease with which you place your wash material.