The Workflow Makes the Difference

Single-Unit Crown Workflow Solutions

Single-unit crown procedural excellence is essential to the satisfaction of your patients and success of your practice—accounting for as much as 48% of restorative revenue.1 So any inefficiency or risk to longevity can have a very real impact on all involved.


Dentsply Sirona’s Single-Unit Crown Workflow Solutions is the only crown restoration workflow to provide a complete set of products, education, and support across the varied workflows clinicians pursue in order to help you achieve long-lasting results as efficiently as possible.

1. 2011 ADA Survey of Dental fees

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When inefficiencies can cost clinicians up to $900 a month or more,2 an efficient workflow means a more profitable procedure for you and a better experience for your patient. Our Single-Unit Crown Workflow Solutions simplify and speed up the steps of provisionalization and impression-taking without compromising the end result and while properly setting the stage for the second visit. Get more accurate and predictable results, from provisional to final fit.

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More than half of all crown failures can be attributed to avoidable risks,2 making quality materials essential for a crown restoration that endures, year after year. That longevity also depends on a workflow that provides you with the most accurate and reliable results possible. Our complete Single-Unit Crown Workflow Solutions create a strong foundation and a long-lasting final restoration.

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Build it Faster. Build it Stronger. Step by Step.

Build it Fast

Make it Last

1 in 3 dentists have problems with crown fit due to impression errors.1

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Final Impression Solution

89% of dental practitioners say that adequate tooth preparation facilitates final restoration success and promotes better clinical outcomes.1

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Core & Post Solution

1 in 3 offices spend more time than they should fabricating a provisional. And a well-fitting provisional helps minimize the #1 source of inefficiency—excess trimming and adjusting of the final crown.1 

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Provisional Solution

75% of premature crown failures are due to risk-avoidable factors.1
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Final Crown Cementation Solution