Introducing the First
Total Practice Solution for

Single-Unit Crown Procedures

With many elements and steps to the single-unit crown procedure, complications, and inefficiencies are too easy to come by. Achieve a strong foundation and long-term success in the single-unit procedure, with a solution that simplifies dental crown preparation every step of the way.

The Right Products at Every Step

By addressing critical steps across the provisional and permanent phases in the single-unit crown procedure, we’ve designed a complete solution to help deliver greater efficiency and predictable clinical outcomes.

Total Practice Education

The best way to better patient care is through continuous learning. Bring opportunities for continuing education to your whole office.

One-on-One Service and Support

As a part of our Single-Unit Crown Total Practice Solution, you’ll have complete access to product support, in-office consultations, and live phone support.
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Through accuracy and strength. You need a process that creates an accurate fitting provisional crown to protect the prep and surrounding tissue between visits and a final impression with perfect margins that allows the lab to build the most accurate permanent crown.


Through simplified cementation and cleanup. You need a provisional cement that holds strong and comes off leaving no residual cement and a definitive cement with immediate bond strength and easy cleanup for long-term restoration success.